Fly Fishing for those of us at Elusive is more than just a hobby or a past time, its our passion. A passion that stems from a love of the Nature, Wildlife, and the Adventure. Elusive is dedicated to bringing that passion we share to you. Join us on one of our guided adventures and discover for yourself the beauty that fly fishing and it’s stage has to offer.




One of the draws to the sport of Fly Fishing is there is no ceiling, your success and results are largely dependent on the the knowledge you have going in. Elusive is about giving you the tools to find your own success on the water, and our site offers those tools. Whether it is through our local Fly Fishing Report, our Tips and Techniques or our Fly Fisherman’s Journey Story, we bring you everything you need to build a fly fishing portfolio.




Our mission is not only to share our passion for Fly Fishing, but to bring awareness to to the challenges and issues facing anglers today. These issues include pristine water preservation, fish education, public lands, and the environment. Our team brings these issues to light through our different media formats: photography, films, blogs, social media and many more. Our hope is that after spending time with us you leave with a greater understanding of Fly Fishing and its role in the environment.

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